Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mans Greatest Challenge

If I win £300,000,000 on the lottery, I will plough the vast majority of that vast fortune into solving the last great technological challenge faced by mankind.

I will buy a small island, so that the people I hire to work on the problem can remain completely focussed and in isolation.

I will provide them with every comfort, and their families can join them, but the goal is so important, they have to be kept from other worldly distractions.

I will build a magnificent scientific and technological institute on the island, with all of the very best facilities for research and experimentation.

I will hire Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, Brian Cox and Sheldon Cooper, and I will put their minds to work on the greatest task faced by our our modern society.

It's a tricky task, and I won't expect immediate results. I'll give them the space they need to accomplish their goal.

And then maybe, just maybe, after a decade or so of intense effort, they might, just might, finally provide mankind with a toaster that actually works.

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